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Frank's exciting new title, Virusphere, will be published by HarperCollins in March 2019.  This answers some fundamental questions that were unanswerable at the time of publication of Frank's iconoclastic and bestselling titles, Virus X and Virolution.  To discover more, including a free preview, click here.

 We are delighted to report that The Mysterious World of the Human Genome will be translated into Russian and Polish. 

We are also delighted to inform readers that Frank's magnum opus, Tuberculosis: The Greatest Story Never Told, is now available worldwide as an amazon kindle. To buy this on your local amazon site click here:




The Mysterious World of the Human Genome 

Your human genome is a most remarkable entity, amazing in what it can do and, remarkably, specific to you. No two genomes are ever entirely alike. Not even among all the human genomes that have ever existed. And it all comes down to that wonder chemical of life, DNA. Frank's major new non-fiction title, The Mysterious World of the Human Genome, is now published in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand by HarperCollins. It will be published in the USA in February 2016 by Prometheus. This book, which aims to show intelligent lay readers as well as non-genetic scientists what lies at the very core of their being, is likely to interest the many readers of Virolution, Virus X, Darwin's Blind Spot and Metamorphosis. Click here for a thumbnail sketch and free pdf introduction of the book. Click here for key reviews.

Frank has written a new scientific review papers on the human genome.  See "Viral symbiosis and the holobiontic nature of the human genome". This has now been published online in a special edition of APMIS that is dedicated to Retroviruses. The reference is APMIS 2016: 124: 11- 19.  

Darwin's Blind Spot


For the first time ever, the iconoclastic Darwin's Blind Spot has now been released for sale as am amazon kindle. Click on the cover to go to the relevant page.  




A pioneering new book by Frank Ryan that expands our understanding of human evolution and has implications for medicine, including important illnesses such as MS and cancer. 




In 2001, when two separate organisations laid bare, for the first time, the DNA structure of our human genome, it revealed a deeply paradoxical truth.  Where we expected some 100,000 genes coding for the same number of proteins, just 1.5% of the DNA coded for just 20,000 proteins.  Meanwhile, almost half our DNA is viral - with a genetic structure very similar to the genome of HIV-1, the viral cause of AIDS.  What does this mean in terms of the story of our  human evolution?  In Virolution, Frank Ryan explains the remarkable story of how this came about.. and what it means.


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