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Countdown is now under way to publication of Frank Ryan's major new non-fiction title, The Mysterious World of the Human Genome, which will be published by HarperCollins on June 16 2015. This book, which aims to show intelligent lay readers as well as non-genetic scientists what lies at the very core of their being, is likely to interest the many readers of Virolution, Virus X, Darwin's Blind Spot and Metamorphosis.


*** Distinguished author, Anne Rice has tweeted in praise of Frank Ryan's book on the theme of metamorphosis ***                                                                                                                            

"Let me share with you the book I'm reading today: The Mystery of Metamorphosis by Frank Ryan. In Ryan, I've found another brilliant science writer, like Nick Lane, who makes available to the scientifically challenged some insight into the magnificence and mysteries of biological life on this planet.  This is just a wonderful book. If you have, as I do, a million questions about how catepillars become butterflies, and no science vocabulary to study it, well, this may be the book for you. This is beautifully written. A gem of a book."


"One of the best scientific books of recent years."  The Internationalist.



Click here for details of this fascinating new Frank Ryan title published in America by Chelsea Green and, with a slightly different title, in the UK and Commonwealth territories by Oneworld.  This book examines the great natural mystery, metamorphosis, which intrigued Aristotle, as well as the mystery of the "Cambrian explosion", which gave rise to the animal kingdom.  "This book is a must for entomologists, marine biologists and the downright curious" - New Scientist



A pioneering new book by Frank Ryan that expands our understanding of human evolution and has implications for medicine, including important illnesses such as MS and cancer. 




In 2001, when two separate organisations laid bare, for the first time, the DNA structure of our human genome, it revealed a deeply paradoxical truth.  Where we expected some 100,000 genes coding for the same number of proteins, just 1.5% of the DNA coded for just 20,000 proteins.  Meanwhile, almost half our DNA is viral - with a genetic structure very similar to the genome of HIV-1, the viral cause of AIDS.  What does this mean in terms of the story of our  human evolution?  In Virolution, Frank Ryan explains the remarkable story of how this came about.. and what it means.


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