Creating An Artificial Life-form


 Welcome to Frank Ryan's apocalyptic thriller -- a work he describes as "science in fiction"



The Doomsday Genie is Frank Ryan's only work of fiction embracing real evolutionary science ideas. People very often ask Frank why, as a working scientist, he wrote it .  The answer, in his words, is very simple: 'I was responding to the idea that colleagues around the world are racing with each other to produce the first truly artificial life form.




'If you don't believe me, this image, courtesy of New Scientist 12 February 2005, is taken from an excellent article on the subject.  Since it would be a cheat to just put new genes into a bacterial cell, the only life-form they could remotely hope to create would resemble a virus.  I had already written the book, Virus X, in which I observed plague viruses in action and I first introduced the concept of "aggressive symbiosis" to explain what I was observing.  So I asked myself what if the evolutionary paradigm of "aggressive symbiosis" then kicked in?  You might regard The Doomsday Genie as a cautionary tale.'

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