A Few Key Facts About Your Very Personal Human Genome  

 The Mysterious World of the Human Genome


Your human genome is a most remarkable entity, amazing in what it can do and, remarkably, specific to you. No two genomes are ever entirely alike. Not even among all the human genomes that have ever existed. And it all comes down to that wonder chemical of life, DNA.

It carries the heredity of your parents on to you, and the heredity of all of your ancestors.

It coded for you as a baby forming within your mother's womb.

It coded for you again during the changes of puberty.

It decides whether you are male or female.

It decides your hair and eye colour.

It decides how tall you are, your physical build, your physical abilities, your facial and bodily attractiveness.

It plays a significant role in your intelligence, your ability for specific disciplines, or tasks.

It created Einstein, Mozart, Beethoven, and Isaac Newton.

It determines your identity as "self", for example in your tissue type when it comes to organ transplantation.

It fights for your survival when you are threatened by alien bug invaders.

It contains your family history, not merely for a few generations but the history of the movement of your very distant ancestors over the vastness of evolutionary time and over the global landmass.

When it goes wrong, it codes for the cancer or autoimmune disease, or dementia that will carry you off.

How then could a relatively simple chemical code give rise to the complexity of a human being? How could our human genome have evolved? And how does it actually work? This is what Dr Frank has set out to explain in his book.

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